Charter of ethics and confidentiality

Creativity is at the heart of our business. This creativity imposes the exploitation of the technologies of computer science, information and communication. The development of all our projects for professionals requires tools, capital and personnel. In order to guarantee the confidentiality of all exploited data, DAVYTOPIOL is committed through this charter to all present and future partners. The values ​​of DAVYTOPIOL are: Rigor, loyalty, discretion, prudence, vigilance. The company is committed to the lawful use of all tools, instruments, data, information, copyrights of any nature whatsoever by ensuring the application of laws in force and the use on the market. DAVYTOPIOL is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of the information transmitted by its prospects or customers .

Loyalty and Confidentiality

DAVYTOPIOL is prohibited from divulging the information and data of which it has been aware, whether during the negotiations or the signing of the contracts without the express authorization of its clients except the information already known to the market.
The company has put all the necessary means to this end :
Internal computer charter
Rules of procedure
Confidentiality agreement
Discretion clause
Computer security system
Access to the premises.
DAVYTOPIOL is committed to putting all the means in place for the accompaniment, the realization, the execution of the missions entrusted by the customers. DAVYTOPIOL ensures the conformity of the processes of research, collection and creation. The company is committed to using copyright-friendly and neighboring rights-based devices for any creative work for customers. Confidentiality: The purpose of the charter is to ensure that the information is accessible only to those whose access is authorized.
These are:
1- Confidential information: information and data of all kinds, including technical, scientific, economic, financial, commercial, accounting, any plan, study, material, audit, experimental data and tests, drawings, representations, graphics, specifications, know-how do, experience, software and programs, in any form, medium or medium, including, without limitation, oral communications, written or attached to any medium, property of the Company (client).
2- Very confidential information: All confidential information whose dissemination and exploitation inside and outside the Company is prohibited and remains limited to only those directly concerned with the Company (client).


This charter is intended to apply to all DAVYTOPIOL employees regardless of their status, quality or function. The obligation of confidentiality placed on the employees must be respected within the company itself, as part of the joint work with other service providers as well as outside the Company.
The duty of confidentiality applies:
studies, research and projects of the company;
information about the company’s knowledge and know-how;
its orientations, organization and functioning;
any other information the disclosure of which is likely to be harmful to customers. The duration of confidentiality is general and permanent.

The locals, the residents

In order to ensure the security of the information circulating in the company, the access to the premises is limited to the employees concerned and authorized for the needs of their activity. Its premises are locked during the absence of employees.

Access to computers and information systems

Access to confidential and highly confidential information and information systems that may contain it (computers, networks, data banks, libraries) is restricted to authorized employees. Each employee is given a personal code and identifier. Sensitive computer workstations are limited to intranet or internal communication only and limited access by an identification device.

The Document Consultation

1- Paper documents: The concerned and authorized employees can access the paper documents concerning the customers. It is forbidden to take out a paper document of the company unless special authorization.
2- Electronic documents: It is forbidden to open an e-mail marked “confidential” or “very confidential” except for recipients. On the occasion of sending an e-mail, each employee must specify the word “confidential” or “very confidential” in the subject line of an e-mail and at the beginning of any e-mail containing protected information. addressed to any other employee of the company or outside the company (addressed to the customer himself).
It is forbidden for employees to deactivate the protection systems put in place by DAVYTOPIOL. Employees authorized to access protected information must not process any file containing this type of information on an internet or extranet network.Employees are prohibited from releasing any electronic document from the company.

Communication of information

Employees must use the technical and IT protection measures put in place by the company. Employees are bound by the Discretion and Vigilance Clause with respect to the information communicated to them and communicate it to any other employee of the company and to any external service provider. Providers must be empowered to access protected information. It is forbidden to address sensitive subjects with information protected by telephone. It is necessary to increase vigilance in public places (trains, planes, restaurants, hotels, etc.) or during telephone conversations and sending e-mails except during professional appointments, while forbidding to evoke any protected information in this context and to anyone. Contacts with the media must have the prior and express agreement of the company. Discretion is a duty of all members of the company. All employees are subject, without exception, to professional secrecy.

The rules applicable to visitors

Visitors are identified at the reception, they are forbidden to take a copy of all documents communicated during the visit, as well as to take photos, video and audio recordings or to take a copy of a document of the company by any other means of production.The rules applicable to service providers: In order to preserve the confidentiality of the protected information, DAVYTOPIOL systematically signs a confidentiality agreement with any external service provider it employs. The purpose of this Charter is to establish the fundamental principles of DAVYTOPIOL’s commitment to its customers.