What if I have not yet written the content of my presentation?

Don’t worry, we can still provide you with an approximate quote. If you need help writing the content, we can also help you with our PPT STORY service.

What if my documents are confidential?

Most of our clients have confidential documents to share with us. We can provide you with a confidentiality agreement template, or if you have your own, we can use yours.

I already have a graphic mask and a PowerPoint slide master

Many of our clients have graphic masks and corresponding PowerPoint slide masters. But sometimes this master is poorly configured or doesn’t completely fulfil its purpose. DAVYTOPIOL systematically checks your master’s configuration, and improves it if necessary.

I already have a corporate slide master, but I would like a different identity for my presentation

It may be worthwhile, for certain situations (fairs, events, product launches), to create a special master. DAVYTOPIOL can create a variation on your masks for the occasion, or even an original creation to better convey your message.

Do you prepare presentations in English?

The language of Shakespeare holds no secrets for us. Most of our employees are bilingual. You can even enlist our “native English” consultant’s help to write your content

Can you send a PowerPoint graphic designer to the site of my event?

Yes, we can even send several if necessary to complete your project in person with your teams, on the site of your event or on your business premises, to ensure optimal responsiveness and confidentiality.