Do your teams often create PowerPoint presentations to convince your company’s clients or collaborators, but these presentations lack cohesion in how their content is structured or formatted? DAVYTOPIOL has developed a training program to help you improve your PowerPoint presentations. During a 2-day session in DAVYTOPIOL’s offices or your own, you will learn how to draft and structure your slides, as well as tips and tricks that will help you save time and improve the quality of your formatting.

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Raise your Powerpoint game

PowerPoint presentation standards have changed significantly in the last few years, and long sequences of disparate slides with fanciful formatting will no longer capture the audience’s attention. The upsurge in PowerPoint agencies has contributed to this shift by incorporating codes of communication that had previously been reserved for BtoC in professional presentations.

This change has especially affected the two indissociable pillars of storytelling and visuals. Every presentation has the same goal: to interest the spectator (or reader) and hold his attention from the beginning to the end of the speech while providing him with the tools to retain the most important parts.

Instant access to information via the internet has increased audiences’ impatience when faced with lengthy presentations whose structure does not favour rapid, effective understanding. DAVYTOPIOL, a training organization as well as a consulting agency, has designed this training program to help corporate PowerPoint users design presentations that meet these new criteria.

DAY 1 – First part: Storytelling

Storytelling, as applied to a PowerPoint presentation, is first and foremost a matter of structure and information hierarchy. Our instructor will teach you to capture your audience’s attention from the very first slide, using several concrete examples, as well as how to design your presentation around its strongest ideas and the progression of your talk. Your own presentations will then be analysed, with objective criticism that will allow you to understand their good qualities and failings and how to improve them.

DAY 1 – Second part: Save time in PowerPoint

This stage of the PowerPrez training program will cover the technical aspects of the tools and best practices to save time when creating your slides. You will learn how to optimize the PowerPoint interface and all of the essential shortcuts, applying them to the formatting rules that will give your presentation a professional appearance that makes its content easier to understand while conveying a quality message.

DAY 2 – Third part: Masters

PowerPoint masks or templates are frequently misused. However, they can save you precious time and increase the professionalism and cohesion of your presentation. You will learn how to create your own layouts to suit your composition preferences and content, and how to avoid the software’s pitfalls and overcome them.

DAY 2 – Fourth part: Animations

PowerPoint animations can add energy to certain slides, and a didactic quality to others. These two types of animations will be deciphered and put into practice through exercises that will help you understand when to use them. You will discover tricks to increase fluidity and how to help the presenter and the audience follow an educational demonstration.

Cost coverage

Davytopiol is a registered training organization. The PowerPrez training program can be funded by your training budget and taken into account by OPCAs (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé – accredited collection organizations).

Customized training

Do you have special requirements or specific topics that you wish to go over during training? DAVYTOPIOL is attentive to your needs and can offer a customized training program in terms of both duration and content.