You have a PowerPoint presentation to be broadcast automatically but you’re unsure of its ability to attract interest and clearly express your message in record time? With our PPT MOTION service, we offer you the means to create an automatic video that is ready for circulation and that you can modify in PowerPoint.

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Publish videos and maintain control over their content

Are you familiar with motion design? Discover PPT Motion. It’s the same thing, except that you can modify the content of your animation in PowerPoint.

At a trade fair, event, waiting room or high-stakes meeting, it isn’t always easy to hold the audience’s attention, and screens displaying PowerPoint slides composed of sequences of bullet points quickly become boring in comparison with dynamic animations full of attractive content.

Our PPT Motion service is specially designed to create looped videos for your trade fairs or welcome screens or to publish content on your YouTube channel, while retaining control over the modifiable information or the sequence order. With this service, DAVYTOPIOL will deliver an automatic, animated PowerPoint presentation and the identical video file, which can be deployed on the social networks or your professional website.

How is a PPT MOTION created at DAVYTOPIOL?

You normally already know which product or service you wish to highlight, and you possess most of the information required to prepare an understandable sequence. DAVYTOPIOL will help you organise this information and add music.

  • You will send us your existing PowerPoint presentation or a leaflet outlining the advantages of your product or service.
  • We will analyse your content and then write a script, providing you with a sequencing breakdown and the type of animation we have in mind.
  • Our studio will create the graphic elements, animate them, adjust the timing, and integrate sound design if necessary (sounds, background music).

DAVYTOPIOL will deliver a finished product in the form of a ready-to-publish video and a PowerPoint file that can be instantly modified.


In certain situations, including existing videos in a presentation can save time and add more energy to your program. With our PPT MOTION service, there’s no reason to do without. Combining video and animations in a PowerPoint presentation to be exported as a video or played on a loop in projection mode poses no technical issues.


But that’s not all. With these animation techniques, which are entirely created and configured within your PowerPoint presentation, DAVYTOPIOL offers you the possibility to control your video, from one sequence to the next, during a presentation, which is not possible with a traditional video, where your only option is to press the “pause” button and hope that it doesn’t stop in the middle of a funny face or the animated progression of a technical diagram. You can thus increase the impact of your speech by punctuating it with informative, punchy animated visual aids.


Like graphic design, audio commentary must be clear, composed and intelligible.
If your PPT-MOTION is an educational tool, we can record a voice-over in our studio, which will be cut up and integrated into your presentation slide by slide, enabling you to control the order of your slides. We can provide you with a commentated version for use in suitable formats, and a music-only or silent version if required.

Do you want to include an interview or a video report in your presentation (or online)?

For DAVYTOPIOL, the PowerPoint presentation is not the only presentation sector. In the era of YouTube and digital, we can also create your videos (interviews, products, reports) with our VIDEO EXPRESS service, or transform your paper brochure that is editable in PowerPoint into a printable PDF export with our PPT PRINT service.You can view all of Davytopiol’s products and services here.