Have you already written the content of your PowerPoint presentation, but you find that it lacks “oomph”? With our PPT IMPACT service, we offer a make-over to your slides to give your presentation the energy it deserves and highlight the key elements of your content for the big day.

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Add impact to your presentations

You are the most important element of your presentation! But its impact will be even greater if your PowerPoint presentation punctuates your speech with colourful, emphatic slides.
Our PPT Impact service is designed for people who have already written the content of their PowerPoint presentation (if you need help writing your content visit our PPT STORY page)

Adding impact to a presentation serves to capture the audience’s attention, whether you are presenting before a large group, a small group or remotely (digital delivery). The presentation consulting agency DAVYTOPIOL can help you make your audience want to listen to you or read your words.

To bring your audience on board, your PowerPoint presentation must clearly convey your main message not only through its words and structure, but also through the visual and graphic aspects of the slides.

How to quickly obtain a quote? With DAVYTOPIOL, it’s simple.

We know that in most cases, presentations are time-sensitive! You need a quote very quickly, which is one of our specialties.

  • You will send us your PowerPoint presentation.
  • We will analyse certain criteria, such as the slide master, the number of slides, the infographics (maps, graphics, visuals etc.).
  • A project manager will call you at the number you gave on the form, and will discuss with you any additional information that is required.

Does our offer sound good? Great, we can get to work.

How does it work? Discover the steps involved in creating an IMPACT presentation.
Step 1 – project briefing

So that DAVYTOPIOL can fully comprehend your needs, your dedicated project manager will contact you (in person or by phone) for a complete briefing and to collect all information required for production.

Step 2 – we reach an agreement on the design

We start by reaching an agreement on the general ambience of the presentation, based on your target audience, topic, and presentation context. At DAVYTOPIOL, we call this stage the “graphic theme”. You will receive 3 template slides from your presentation that have been reworked by our design studio. This stage is essential in order to develop the graphic style that will be present on all of the slides.

Step 3 – production of the slides

Once the design has been approved, we can start producing the slides. During this stage, we often need to include punchy visuals, relevant symbols and graphical elements that precisely illustrate your statements. This is why you will incur no additional costs related to the purchase of artwork; all of these elements are included in your quote.

Once the composition of the slides is complete, we will send you the presentation so that you can examine it and move on to the fine-tuning stage.

Step 4 – corrections

While the product we have delivered to you is in PowerPoint format and you can therefore modify it yourself, we will assist you all the way to completion. You therefore have the option of requesting as many corrections as you wish until the scheduled final delivery date.

But that’s not all. If you need to make corrections after this date, it’s still possible. DAVYTOPIOL offers hourly billing for these types of situations, so you can keep your budget in check.

Does this service not meet your needs?

In addition to this PPT IMPACT service, DAVYTOPIOL also offers other products that might better suit your project, such as the PPT CLEAN service, which enables you to polish large numbers of slides for consistency and professionalism, or the PPT VIDEO service, which gives you the energy of a motion-design-style automatic animation while preserving the flexibility of the PPT format, whose content you can modify yourself. Click here to view all of our services.