The big day is almost here. Your PowerPoint presentation is ready, which reassures you. But deep down, you have a funny feeling. Your throat is a little tight, you have butterflies in your stomach, your hands are clammy, and you can’t stop going over your slides in your head. Don’t worry, this is normal: everyone dreads public speaking. Our Express Coaching service can help you rebuild your confidence in just 3 hours.

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Express public speaking coaching

An impeccable, well-paced and eye-catching PowerPoint presentation is important to attract attention, but it isn’t everything. The speaker’s abilities are just as crucial. Unfortunately, not everyone responds well to the stress of public speaking.

Rehearsing your presentation is an effective way to build confidence, yet many people neglect this aspect of preparation, precisely because it makes them think of the dreaded moment but also because practising takes time. And with an event coming up, it can be difficult to find the time required.

DAVYTOPIOL offers to help you prepare your speech through our Express Coaching service. We arrange a meeting just before your event, between the presenter and our coach. An actor and stage director who specialises in public speaking, he will significantly increase your speaker’s ability to persuade by working on diction, relaxation and key aspects of the presentation.

What takes place during an express coaching session?


The first step in realising the necessity of preparing for public speaking is the planning of the meeting. Once the meeting has been set, you can be sure that you won’t be left to your own devices, which will increase your self-confidence. It is recommended that you set the meeting for one or two days before the event, so that the advice is still fresh in your mind on the big day.

Your presentation

If DAVYTOPIOL prepared your PowerPoint presentation, we will brief our coach on the objectives of your presentation in advance, so that he can adapt his advice to your speech. Otherwise, it is recommended that you share your slides or script with us a few days prior to the meeting.

The coaching session

The session may take place on your premises, or at the DAVYTOPIOL office, which may be beneficial. During the event, you will be out of your comfort zone, and it can be helpful to experience this sensation while rehearsing, while also staying away from everyday distractions.

Whenever possible, the ideal situation is to rehearse your presentation at the event location. Our coach can also give you advice on your on-site movements.

Whichever location you choose, our public speaking coaching focuses on your specific event. Our aim is to build your self-confidence for that precise moment, in a way that reflects your personality. Relaxation, breathing and body language are some of the things we will work on during the session, and then apply during the rehearsal stage.

Cost coverage

DAVYTOPIOL is registered as a training organization. You can therefore fund your express coaching session with your training budget.

Need help with your slides?

You have not yet written your presentation, or you think your slides need improvement? DAVYTOPIOL provides a variety of services tailored to a range of presentation situations. You can view all of our services here.