Summer 2019 event at DAVYTOPIOL

Give him one day and you’ll come away with an entirely different perspective on how to craft and deliver an excellent presentation!

Organizations are starting to get it: effective presentation content cannot be taken for granted. They can’t send someone out to represent them with an hour of PowerPoint training. The bar is much higher now, so it’s your turn—it is more vital and urgent than ever that you hone your skills.

Sign up for Rick Altman’s one-day workshop and never look at a presentation project the same way again. Whether you are the presentation designer, the content manager, the PowerPoint user, the presenter, or (most likely) some combination of all four, these seminars will open your eyes to entirely new strategies and techniques to help you do your job better, faster, and with more satisfaction. Join us and you will find:

  • Practical and relevant advice for day-to-day slide creators
  • Cutting-edge PowerPoint techniques to maximize productivity
  • Clear, lucid advice on slide design for those who are not professional designers
  • Strategies and tactics for crafting better messages and for speaking before audiences.

Give him a day. He’ll give you back a whole lot more.

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