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Bolstered by our 12 years experience in the design and creation of Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi presentations, our offer is organised around packaged or bespoke products adapted to most of the cases we have encountered.
Connected to the market and its trends, we permanently work to update our offers so that they are in line with our most demanding clients’ expectations.
  • Do you need to tell a story to attract attention and convince?

  • The strength of story telling at the service of your presentation
    • Consultancy sessions
    • Content restructuring (French/English)
    • Graphic design
    • Creation of your slides


    The PPT STORY?

  • Do you want to pep up your presentation and make it “sexier”

  • The “wow!” factor you need
    • Graphic design
    • Information hierarchy
    • Visual ergonomics
    • Iconography research

    Yes for WOW!

  • One and a half minutes to make a difference!

  • A perfect demonstration
    • Synopsis
    • Storyboard
    • Motion design
    • Mixing, export and conversion

    More VIDEO

  • Do you need a template to create professional documents on your own?

  • A model in your image
    • Creation of a template or model in line with your graphic charter
    • Creation and configuration of styles and layouts to your needs




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  • Do you want to harmonise your slides quickly and privilege graphic coherency?

  • A consistent and professional presentation
    • Upgrade in line with the charter
    • Harmonisation of fonts, symbols, graphs and tables




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  • Do you need to boost your slides in record breaking time?

  • We come to you and only leave when the objective has been achieved
    • A team is sent on site
      Graphic designer(s), PCs, nomad server
    • Service available 24*7
    • Invoiced per effective hour


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  • Do you need a document that packs a punch, is printable and always up to date?

  • Keep control of your printing
    • Graphic and iconography design
    • Document layout
    • Delivery in ppt and pdf format

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  • Do you need a client testimonial before the end of the day?

  • Interview conducted and delivered on site
    • Filming
    • Editing
    • Branding
    • Mixing
    • oAll in one day!

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  • Do you need a photo-directory, a pack-shot, a press report?

  • Your original visuals within the day
    • Shots
    • Alterations
    • Delivery or integration

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Powerpoint training, coaching and subscription

  • Do you want to raise your game?

  • To master the art of the presentation
    • Story-telling rules
    • Slide design tips
    • Practical exercises on your presentations
    • 2 days / 6 participants
    • It can be paid for by your OPCA

    I’m Prezy

  • Do you need to increase your confidence before speaking in public?

  • To pep up your public speaking
    • Learn to breathe
    • Wake up your body
    • Discover your voice
    • Be “one” with your presentation
    • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…

    Coach me

  • Do you need permanent support?

  • On-demand Powerpoint assistance

    Annual subscription including:

    • Consulting
    • Design
    • Development
    • On site missions
    • Express hotline

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